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I'm Sean. Among the zillions of other things I'm doing (and not doing) at the moment, I'm fooling around with The only thing I've really got in mind is to give the new Dreamweaver a workout, put some of those fun web toys that have been bouncing around in my head a home, and make people cringe and run away as quickly as possible.

  1. Mar 5 - added the Downloads section including info about all currently available software.
  2. Feb 25th - more detail in Personal, including "About Me" and "Which Sean?" pages.
  3. Feb 24th - put the Personal pages online, but there's really nothing there yet.
  4. Feb 23rd - linked in the Fun section, and it's first release, Random Words.
  5. Feb 20th - the Business section is ready. That's got my shingle on it.


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