Sean Puckett

Freelance Software Developer
Everyone's hanging out a shingle; here's mine.

With 20 years of professional software development experience with myriad platforms, industries and markets, I am fully versed and proficient in all aspects of the software process -- requirements gathering, design, development, testing, deployment, and team/project management -- in systems ranging from assembly language real-time applications to million-user batch-mode accounting processes.

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Architectural Skills
  • Wireless and wired client/server development in always-on and intermittent connection models.
  • General accounting and financials, with additional knowledge of the restaurant industry.
  • Graphics and audio systems, including video/audio capture and game rendering.
  • Web-based development on a variety of back-end systems including Perl and ASP.
  • General application design and development, with excellent UI design skills.
  • Systems design and development, including real-time/interrupt based and embedded systems.
Language Skills
  • C/C++ - applications and systems level expert.
  • Java/EJB – architecture/design of numerous projects.
  • Perl - created advanced and complex applications.
  • Visual Basic (including VB.NET) - numerous applications.
  • PHP - several high-traffic DB driven corporate sites.
  • Flexscript - dozens of applications for Motorola products
  • SQL - nearly every application featured database access
  • Many other programming languages spoken fluently, others understood with familiarity.
Platform Skills
  • 16 and 32 bit Windows - hundreds of applications written in C++, VB.
  • MS-DOS - hundreds of applications written in C, C++, some 8086 assembly.
  • Pocket PC/Smartphone - eVB and eVC applications.
  • Palm and RIM (Research in Motion) - complex wireless applications in C++.
  • UNIX - a dozen years of installing/administering various *NIX based systems, plus Apache/MySQL/Perl, and so on.


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