I Write Software!

I've done it for years. Sometimes I even wash my hands afterwards.

Here's some of the things I've written. Some are shareware -- gentle shareware, full-featured with only an occasional nag. Some are free for you to enjoy.


I wrote these programs because I needed their functionality. I found out that lots of other people wanted their functionality, too! So, please enjoy.

FileHound An FTP and Web file downloading tool, best suited for downloading large files and/or shaky connections. Has lots of neat features for customizations.
ClipHound A Windows Clipboard enhancement that lets you save and name multiple text clips, with special functionality for web page links. You can also name your clips for recall by-name with the clipboard!  


Some of these games were released shareware, but Tom and Jerry was released for the retail market by a company that's no longer in business -- so you get the benefit! Each game was written for MS-DOS mode, which works just fine under Windows of any variety.

Galacta An arcade-style shoot-em-up game reminiscent of Galacta and Moon Cresta. It's difficult, yes, but lots of fun!
Helious An action/strategy game that has you, an air-balloon, maneuvering through a maze of sharp spiky objects. (Blatantly ripped off by this fellow for a 3D version!)
Pulse An action/puzzle game that has you creating groups of objects of similar color/shape.
Connex An action/puzzle game where you drop straight/angled pieces of pipe onto a grid to create complete loops. Time limit adds to the difficulty.
Tom and Jerry A side-scrolling platform game (jumping and climbing) where you play the cartoon mouse Jerry, trying to rescue your nephew Tuffy from that mean cat Tom.



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