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New 2005-04-19: I've added an option to create "longer" words. Click on "longer words" when viewing results.

The generation of "random" words has been a fascination of mine for a while. The term "random" isn't quite appropriate, though, as it doesn't just throw together some consonants and vowels into something that may be pronouncable. Instead, the generator needs to be seeded with a group of words (the more the better) from which it learns what kind of words you want to generate. The generator tears those words apart, learns how they're constructed, then randomly reassembles the components of those words into new ones, driven by the rules by which the original words were made.

So, if you want to generate some new girl's names, feed it a list of girl's names, and it will take them apart and discover how to make girl's names, then come up with a list of words that are very similar, but probably never before seen. The generator isn't even language sensitive. If you give it words in german, it can produce likely sounding (but entirely bogus) new german words.

Give it a Try!

The more words you enter, the better your results will be. Not only will the generator be better able to understand the rules behind your seed words, but there will be more variation in the output. Still, sometimes it's fun to try just a couple dozen words to see what happens. There's a minimum of 10 words in a seed set.

If you like the words you get, you can save these seed words on the server so you (and others) can play with them later on.

Check out the Sample Word Lists

If you can't be bothered coming up with your own seed words, choose some from the list of seed word sets that others have contributed.


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