Tom & Jerry
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Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry *

This is a really fun platform (jumping) game where you're Jerry, the mouse, and you have to climb through the basement, pipes, walls, bathroom, attic, etc. of a house to rescue your little nephew Tuffy.  Of course, Tom, the cat, is out to stop you.

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Tom & Jerry was released commercially (yes, in a box, sold in stores) by Hi-Tech Expressions, probably my second favorite place to work.  Hi-Tech went out of business a long time ago due to stupid management and dumb spending decisions and not concentrating on core competencies, like paying me lots of money to make fun games.  :)

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Jerry in mid-air in the first level.  Jerry can throw drops of water (the blue balls) and stun insects and things. 

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The second level.  The snails are fairly harmless but you have to hit them twice.   There's also pincher bugs that move very fast and you ALSO have to hit them twice.   The little jar of invisible ink gives you temporary invulnerability.

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These red bugs are good for jumping on, they're like trampolines.

Anyway, there's 10 different levels and 5 boss screens where you have to kick Tom's butt. 

Game Details

Tom & Jerry is an MS-DOS game, and uses the keyboard arrows and the shift, CTRL and space keys to switch power-ups, jump, and throw things.  It uses the PC speaker for sound output.


* Oh yeah, Tom & Jerry is a trademark of Turner Entertainment, and is used without permission for me, although the game was created under license from them.