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Tom & Jerry


Pulse is a game that stresses you out.  Sort of like Tetris, only much MORE so.   This is tha last game I wrote before starting AllAbout Games, which then occupied my time from creating any more games.

pulsetitle.gif (26562 bytes)

It's a DOS based game, but plays OK under Windows.  These screen shots were taken while playing it inside a window, but I have a 1GHZ AMD, so I can get away with that (gnee).

pulse.gif (40338 bytes)

The general idea is that youll have to arrange the discs (red, green or blue) into sets of four or more ajacent.  When you make a set, you get a spiky piece of the same color.  Make a set of spikes, you get a tri-plane (that green thing at the lower right).  Combine a set of tri-planes, and you get a star.

The more items you score with at once (from 4-8 simultaneously depending on pattern), the higher your score increases.

As the game advances, power-ups arrive, and special events occur.

There's shareware registration info in Pulse, but it is incorrect.  Don't try to register Pulse with the built in forms.  If you love it so much you want to pay for it despite the fact that I've already given you a registration code, write me email, and we'll work something out.  (And thanks!)


PULSE.REG (registration key, put in same directory as .EXE to turn on power-ups).
Pulse Documentation (MS Word Format, 100K Zipped)

The documentation is fun to read because of how anal-retentive I was back then about getting registrations.  (P.S. I've since learned, as many others have, that being a jerk about it doesn't get you anything!)