FxAndy - Simulation Suite

Simulation suite for FxAndy - Film Simulation for Final Cut.

In the roster below, simulations shown in Bold appear in the free version of FxAndy. To access all simulations, please purchase the full version of FxAndy.

The current release of FxAndy does not yet have colour negative film (e.g. Kodacolor) simulation. However, you can use the Colour checkbox to enable pseudocolour results from B&W films that are then printed on colour paper. Colour negative film is on the way

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Camera Stock

Black and White Negative

  • Adox 25 in D-76 (4 variants)
  • Adox 50 in D-76 (4 variants)
  • Adox 100 in D-76 (4 variants)
  • Agfapan 25 in Refinal
  • Agfapan 100 in Refinal
  • Agfapan 400 in Refinal
  • Fomapan 100 in Microphen (3 variants)
  • Fujifilm Neopan 100 in Microfine (4 variants)
  • Fujifilm Neopan 400 in T-MAX (3x), D-76 (3x), SPD (3x)
  • Fujifilm Neopan 1600 in SPD (3x), D-76 (3x), Fujidol (3x), Microfine (3x)
  • Ilford FP4 in Ilfotec HC
  • Ilford PANF in Ilfotec HC (4 variants)
  • Ilford Delta 3200 in Ilfotec
  • Kodak HS Infrared Unfiltered in D-76 (very strong blue response), and filtered in D19, D-76 and HC-110 (note the simulation does not attempt to fabricate infrared light -- you get the red channel only)
  • Kodak Imagelink HQ in Prostar
  • Kodak Kodalith in Kodalith developer (1 variant) and D-11 (3 variants)
  • Kodak TechPan in HC-110 (3 variants), Technidol (3 variants), and Dektol
  • Kodak Tri-X in T-MAX (4 variants) and D-76 (3 variants)
  • Kodak Verichrome Pan in HC-110 (3 variants) and D-76 (3 variants)

Colour Transparency (i.e. slide film)

  • Agfa Agfachrome RSX II
  • Fujifilm Velvia 100T
  • Fuji Eterna-CP 3521
  • Fuji Eterna-CP 3513
  • Kodak Ektachrome 100D / 7285
  • Kodak Ektachrome 64T / 7280
  • Kodak Kodachrome 40 / 7268


Print stocks are not available in the FxAndy demo.

Black and White Paper

  • Agfa Brovira-Speed in all six grades (0-5)
  • Agfa Multicontrast Premium with all six filters (0-5)
  • Agfa Record-Rapid in all four grades (1-4)
  • Foma Fomaspeed, four grades (soft-hard)
  • Foma Fomaspeed Variant III, six filters (0-5)
  • Forte Fortezzo in Hard, Normal and Soft
  • Ilford Multigrade IV Fiber, seven filters (00-5)
  • Kentmere Art Classic
  • Kentmere Art Deluxe in Grade 2 and Grade 3
  • Kentmere VC Select seven filters (00-5)
  • Kodak AZO in Grade 2 and Grade 3
  • Kodak Polymax II RC in Dektol, six filters (0-5)
  • Kodak Portra in RA-4 (just one variant)

Colour Paper

  • Fuji Crystal Archive SP
  • Kodak Pro Image II
  • Kodak Ultra Endura
  • Kodak Portra Endura
  • Kodak Endura VC

Important Trademark Notice

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