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A plug-in for the camera RAW image processing program Bibble.
Author: Sean Puckett (seanmpuckett@gmail.com).

Bibble 5 note: This is a Bibble 4 plug-in. It does not work with Bibble 5.

What does Dinky do?

Dinky is an advanced plug-in for selectively modifying areas of an image.

Download Freeware Now

Dinky freeware is now available for download.  The freeware version offers one layer of adjustment.

Windows, Linux and Mac versions included in the same download. Read the Dinky Release Notes, then access the download area.
You'll find installation instructions as INSTALL.txt in the zipfile.
Please provide feedback at the email address above.

Purchase DinkyPRO Professional Version Now

Windows, Linux and Mac versions included in the same download. DinkyPRO is now available. It offers four adjustment channels, not just one, as well as hue and saturation controls not found in the freeware version.

DinkyPRO: $25 USD

Already purchased, but need an upgrade? Click Here.

If you purchase this plug-in, you do so knowing it is not compatible with Bibble 5. I do not provide installation support for Bibble 4 plug-ins, and in purchasing them you do so at your own risk. Further, I do not guarantee that any Bibble 4 plug-in will be available for Bibble 5.

Sample Output

My Samples Add
Dinky Freeware Sample: Screened Bloom
Dinky Freeware Sample: Selective Desaturation
DinkyPRO: Duotone Tutorial

Why Dinky?

How is Dinky different from...

Roy? -- different colour engine internally -- different intent. Dinky can do much of what Roy does, but does it very differently and the results are generally not the same. Dinky has more features, but is more complex.

Tony? -- Tony has fewer controls for ease of use and offers randomisation and other features that are more appropriate for B&W simulation. Dinky is a general tool.

Deejay? -- Strictly a channel mixer, Deejay serves different needs.

Gina? -- Gina is highly optimized for skin tones and the needs of people shooters, and the results with Gina are much better than Dinky in Gina's area of competency.

Sadie? -- Sadie is much easier to use and offers six channels of saturation adjustment, much better than Dinky's 1 or 4. On the other hand, using Dinky to adjust saturation allows much finer control of what areas are changed.

In other words, Dinky is a multi-tool. And it has a lot of controls that you may find completely bewildering. If you get lost, wait for the documentation -- and try the "Visualize" checkbox.

What is it?

dinkypro Info

Dinky is a tool for selective modification. Using the selection controls, you isolate part of the image by colour and/or lightness. This isolated area can then be adjusted in hue, saturation, brightness and other methods, and is combined back into the original image via the mix controls.


I'll say this right now: Dinky is extremely complex. It's safe to say that Dinky can by turns frustrate, entertain and amaze you. And if you are happy with the thought of spending hours tinkering with sliders just to see what happens, it is the plug-in for you. If you want a checkbox that says, "make image awesome," you'll need to look elsewhere. Dinky is the ornamental lathe of the plug-in set; capable of stunning output only if you're willing to understand how to use it.

Each slider/checkbox in Dinky describes its function, but the interaction between sliders is various and myriad and simply can't be explained with words. I hope to be able to create more tutorials and videos to help explain how it works, or perhaps even teach a class, but I can't guarantee the timeliness of this. If you purchase DinkyPRO, expect to be on your own for quite some time while you learn to use it.

To be most effective with Dinky, have an end result in mind, such as "I want to warm up the shadows" or "I want to soften the foliage" or "I want to add some halo effects to highlights." That will guide your use of the selection and adjustment controls.

No separate documentation is presently provided with Dinky or DinkyPRO. The slider tool tips are reasonably effective at explaining their functions, but as everything interacts there's a limit to how far such a reference can take you.

No refunds will be given for DinkyPRO for, "I don't understand how to use it." It is a complex tool and requires an investment of effort to use effectively.

There, you've been warned. Dinky is a firecracker: Light fuse and get away.

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